Send out Newsletters to your Mailing List

Reaching your customers is a crucial promotion tool.

Simply put, we can put a Newsletter Signup on your website.  This contact info can come to you in a number of ways:

Email - The form submissions can come to your inbox

Mailing List Provider - ConvertKit, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact etc...

CRM - This is a high-powered sales tool.

MailChimp Setup

Let's set up a newsletter system for your business.  


Whether you've decided to send out newsletters or not, it's a good idea to have a way to collect contact info from your potential clients.  


The best news is, it's FREE.  Almost all newsletter providers let you start free and don't charge you until your list grows to 3,000 users (give or take).


We work with all providers, but the easiest to get started with is MailChimp.  Signup is easy and they have a wonderful tool for agencies to help manage your newsletter.  Once you sign up, let us know which email address you used to set up the account and we will request "Agency" access to your newsletter.  


We will have our own login and we can help embed a Signup form in your website as well as create a template for your newsletters that matches the design of your website.


Here's the link:


Let us know if you get stuck.