Working with BUILD A BETTER WEB SITE gives you the opportunity to have a monthly check-in Zoom meeting where we can discuss your web project.  We want to know how things are going with your project, what is working, what is not working and discover any ideas you have for edits or additions.

We will get to know your business better over time and can make suggestions on ways to reach your goals.  Aside from minor edits to the content of your pages, we have a host of technology solutions that can be added to your project.  We look forward to meeting with you to lend you our expertise.

Setting up this meeting is simple.  Our homepage has a link to "CLIENTS" area.  Here you can submit a ticket for a feature requests.  But we invite you to set up a meeting with us by using the link below:

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One thing to note: Our meeting link is tied to our calendar.  Meeting times are displayed based on our actual availability.  This means we don't have to exchange texts or emails asking "when is a good time".  You can just visit the page, choose a day and a time that you see listed on our page that works with you.

It's all done automatically and we are simply notified that you've set up a meeting with us.