Setting up your domain email with Google Workspace is our recommended solution.  Google's service is very powerful and reliable.  They charge $6/mo for an inbox and you can set up as many "alternate" email address that will catch email into your inbox.  There's a lot to it but in order to keep things streamlined, here's what you'll need to do:


Our goal is to start a Google Workspace Account and have them handle your domain email.


Step 1: Go to and click the blue Get Started Button.  They ask for your business name, number of employees, Region… answer those and click Next.

Put in your Name and your gmail email address.


Step 2: Does your business have a domain?  Click Yes, I have one I can use.  Then enter your domain name. Click the button and it will ask Use this domain to set up the account?   It should show your domain in the box and you can click Next.


Educate your users - Your choice.  I’d click Ok and you’ll get some helpful email from them.


Step 3: How You’ll sign in - Create a username and a password.  Be sure to write it down.  Click the I’m not a robot box and then Agree and continue at the bottom.

(Your username will be your domain email address.


Step 4: Payment Plan.  Likely you’ll be presented with the Flexible Plan for $6.00 per user per month.  This is what I talked about and you can just click the blue Next button.  They give you 14 days to try it for free.


Step 5: Review and check out.  This is where they ask you for your credit card.  Fill it out and click the Agree and continue button at the bottom.


Next they take you in to do the setup of the email accounts.  Click Continue to setup.

Click the I understand button on their fine print.


Welcome to the Admin Console.  Click Next on all the stuff they walk you through.  Go slow and I think you’ll be able to set up from here.


Verify Your Domain

One other thing… If you go through the verify the domain page, you’ll need to click on “generic instructions”.  Then go to step 2.  On that page you’ll see a very long code (see attachment below).  Copy that and email it to me.  I’ll need to take care of this for you.


I will need to add some codes to the domain name records to complete the process, but once I have that verification code, I'll take care of it.

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