Let's set you up to drop-ship branded merchandise

You can create unlimited branded products using Printful and sell them in your website.

The first step is for you to establish a Printful account.  You'll need to go through their setup process and be sure to provide them a method of payment.  When an order is placed in your website store, you collect the full amount.  The order is automatically sent to Printful.  They then create the product, charge you their fee and ship to your customer.  

You set the selling price and the profit margin for your store.  Printful only takes their fee from you.
Example: You create a t-shirt and printful charges $10.  You sell the shirt for $20 on your store.  The customer pays you $20, the order is sent to Printful who charges you $10.  You keep the $10 profit.

Printful - click here

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Once you've set up the account, we need to connect it to your website BEFORE you create any products.

When your store is connected, your products will automatically "sync".