It is easier than you think.  We'll show you how to embed a youtube video in 2 ways.

But First...

Put your video on YouTube or Vimeo

Both Youtube and Vimeo are in the business of "serving" video on demand.  They are the biggest providers of this service and since embedding hosted videos is simple, this is the only way to go.

If you're worried about privacy, simply make the video "unlisted".  Once you upload the video, all you need to do is grab the link to the video.

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Now you're ready to put it on your website

1. Paste URL in a text module - In wordpress, all you have to do is paste this url into a page.  In some cases it's the simple page editor and other times it's a page builder.   Either way, you just need to paste this url onto the page and click "UPDATE".

2. Use the Video Module -  Your site is likely using a page builder like Divi.  In this case you can add a Video module to the page.  This is also simpler than you think.  The module will provide a way to choose the video and there's an "Add from URL" option.  Then you just paste that url right in there.