The Easy Way

You may have many files on your computer and it's difficult to email them.  Most email services have limits.

In our Support Portal, there is a link in the top right named "SUBMIT A REQUEST".  When you click this, you'll see a popup form.  Simply fill in your info and select files you want to send.  Then click the SEND button.

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In the bottom right corner is an orange chat bubble. Click that and you can send files to our support team.

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Email - If it's just a couple small files, it's easiest to attach them to an email and send it to

Shared Folder

In some cases we will provide a shared folder on DropBox or Google Drive where you can upload web content.

If you already have a Dropbox or Google Drive account, you can share the files with us and we'll take it from there.

Instructions on sharing a folder are easy to find... in most cases you can right-click a folder to share it, but check the help pages of your company for details.