If your company uses  GSuite, Office365 or some other specific email provider, Skip to the section titled Pointing Web Services Only below.

Providing access to your domain name is something we need in order to point to our server.  Depending on your concern for security, we have a couple different ways to accomplish this task.

1. Use our Onboarding Form

The easiest way to provide us with credentials is to use the form on this page:

This is a secure form where you can safely share login credentials.  If you're concerned, let us know.  We will do what we need to do and then you can log in and update your password.  This effectively locks the door behind us.

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2. GoDaddy Delegate Access

Provide us "delegate" access or create a "technical user" for us. 

Most domain name registrars allow you to create a technical contact which allows us to log in and make edits.

Step 1: Log into your GoDaddy account, click the Account Settings dropdown and select "Delegate Access"

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Step 2: Click the link on the right titled "Invite to Access"

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Please enter into that field.

Step 3: Please select the top access level labeled "Products, Domains, & Purchase"
(this level provides the easiest method as it bypasses the need to create a folder, put your domain in the folder, assign the delegate to the folder)

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Step 4: Select Invite to complete your changes.

That's it!

3. DIY

We have provided general instructions below as well as some specifics for the more common domain registrars.

General Instructions:
You'll be updating the Name Servers for your domain name.  The name servers tell visitors where your website is hosted.  As all web servers use numerical Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, they are impossible to remember.  Hence, the use of domain names.  Name servers connect the names to the IP addresses.

So, log into your domain registrar, locate your Name Server settings.  Sometimes this is in the DNS settings. 

You'll need to update the names servers to:

This replaces the name servers listed.

Pointing Web Services Only

If you are using an email service like GSuite or Office 365, we are going to point "web services" only to our server.  Email services are set to point to and use your email provider so we don't want to touch or break that setup.

If you provide us login credentials or delegate access, we can do this for you.

If you'd prefer to do this yourself, here's what you'll need to do:

Locate your DNS Settings and find your Zone Files.  These are a series of codes that tell the domain how and where to direct each service.   Web services is simply where to send visitors to see your website.  It is separate from email services.

Find the main "A Record".  This record points to an IP address.  We are going to edit this record and replace the IP number.

Here's the IP for the Build A Better Web Site Server:

Update this number and click "Save" or whatever your provider requires.  Please inform us when you have done this.  This update requires a 24 hour period of "propagation" so it's not instant.  We will check to see that it is done and notify you if there is a problem.